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Original Release Date: 1998
Label: Tribeca Artists Records

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# Title Time Download
1Killing Post4:29
2Don't Hurt Me3:32
3Living On Mars3:39
4ASAP 4:07
5Yellow Rain4:18
6Far As The Eye4:11
13Star Castles3:32

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Note: This album was also re-released in 2006 by Avid Records under the band name 'Baron' with the album title 'Active.' The re-release also featured a number of track changes, notably the omission of the songs 'Living On Mars,' 'Jaded,' 'Supercell,' and 'Indulgence.' The track 'Don't Hurt Me' was remastered with new lyrics and titled 'Diabolical.' It also has 2 previously unreleased tracks 'Ode To Jimi James' and 'Dr. Lee's Machine.'


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